Stark, mutig, feminin, badass.

The Hedonistic Heroine

Als bekennende hedonistische Heldinnen glauben wir, dass Du den Kuchen haben kannst und essen solltest. Wir arbeiten hart, wir feiern ausgelassen, und wir liegen in Hängematten mit Wein und gutem Buch in der Hand.

We, like you, have high expectations of ourselves and the world around us. We, like you, see something that is broken and fix it. That's why we innovate, reinvent, test and test some more to make you the best possible fashion essentials. That is why we created Hēdoïne.


Die Hēdoïnes hinter der Marke

In our pre-Hēdoïne lives in banking and consulting we met some extremely incredible women. You know, those kindred spirits you just click with. They’re rare, but they do exist. Strong, bold high flyers. The fun ones – intelligent, mischievous, energetic and unconventional. We call them Hēdoïnes; hedonistic heroines. It is these women who inspired us to quit our jobs and create a brand just for them.

In 2018 Hēdoïne entered the world. A brand we have dedicated to crafting the highest quality fashion essentials for the hedonistic heroine’s pursuits, whether they be work, play or anything and everything in between.

Our board of advisors


CEO Jimmy Choo. Zuvor: CEO John Galliano, Christian Dior Couture


Executive Chairman AnyTime Fitness. Zuvor: CEO Wolford, Vilebrequin


Gründer von Springer & Jacoby, Deutschlands bekanntester Marketingagentur


Pioneer int'l trademark protection. Previous: Chief TM Counsel Jack Daniel's